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Trail of Horatio Nelson

UK attractions and British History are entwined. Museums and monuments were raised to celebrate special events and the achievements of the British people. One particular Great Briton is undoubtedly Lord Horatio Nelson. Many famous landmarks, monuments and museums are dedicated to this man, one of the greatest naval heros.

Tour of London's Art Galleries

London has some of the finest art galleries in the world, with something for all tastes provided by a diverse selection of fine galleries, most of them with free entry. Here's a quick guide to the city for art lovers.

Gruesome London

London might be the sunny capital of cool Britannia but its long history has produced plenty of less than seemly incidents - here are a few recommendations for visitors with a taste for the macabre...

First stop has to be the London Dungeon in Tooley Street, near London Bridge. This gruesome theme park uses live actors and special effects to bring gory moments in the city's history to vivid life. Visitors experience the horrors of medieval torture and the Great Plague of 1665, including watching a doctor perform an operation without anesthetic, then take a boat ride that recreates the last journey of a man condemned to death at the Tower of London.

Tour of British Castles

Britain has some fantastic castles, legacies of centuries of strife and warfare. When their days as fortifications were over many were used as palaces, which means they've been kept in a good state of repair. They're certainly one of the highlights of any trip to the UK. Here are a few of the best:

A Right Royal Tour of London's Courts, Castles and Palaces

No trip to England's capital is complete with sampling the pomp and pageantry of the nation's most treasured institution - the Royal family. Over the centuries they've built some of the world's finest palaces. Not only are they splendidly well maintained, many are still working buildings, home to some illustrious tenants and host to all manner of state functions. Many of these have only recently opened their doors to commoners, and they're well worth checking out.

Top London Attractions

London has many places of interest for tourists to see and things to do. Here we narrowed it down to only top London attractions.